Journals & References

A number of staff have been asked about journals for pedagogy within art, design, media and architecture.

I have only covered a range here but conscious that will not have included many. Particularly architecture and media, theatre, please can you include your relevant journals…m.thanks.

Main publishers are intellect,  bloomsbury (Berg), and sage

Here are a few I would recommend looking at:

  • Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education (Intellect)
  • Journal of Communication Design, Interdisciplinary and Graphic Design Research (Bloomsbury)
  • Arts and Humanities in Higher Education (Sage)
  • Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice (Bloomsbury)
  • Journal of Illustration (btw….Desdemona in the art school is principal editor of this) (Intellect)
  • Fashion Theory: The journal of dress, body and culture (Bloomsbury)
  • The Design Journal: An International Journal for All Aspects of Design (Bloomsbury)
  • Design and Culture, Journal of Design Studies (Bloomsbury)
  • Visual Inquiry Learning and Teaching art (Intellect)
  • International Journal and Art and Design Education (NSEAD)
  • Journal of Contemporary Painting (Intellect)
  • Journal of Modern Craft (Bloomsbury)