Top Pedagogues

Who has influenced your pedagogy and your thinking in learning and teaching?

A question to the self.

Who are the top pedagogues of our time? Difficult question.

Joe’s very random thought list, I have indicated the area of pedagogy people are known for and those that I have contextualised in own learning and teaching practice.

Charles and Ray Eames

Paul Rand

Brian Eno

Anni and Josef albers

Miles Davis

Bruce Mau

Ryuichi Sakamoto

David Bryne

David Hockney

this is difficult….

my old art teachers at school…

Josef Muller Brockmann…no he wasn’t my old art teacher

Kenya Hara

Laszlo Moholoy-Nagy

El Lissitzky

Tadao Ando

Black Mountain College

Richard Hamilton

I guess if we were to get all pedagogic I should be saying people like…

John Dewey (Art as Experience)

Andrea Schleicer (views on 21st century learning)

Wenger (communities of practice and collaboration)

Angela Brew (embedding learning and teaching with research)

Donald Schon (reflective practitioner)

Diana Laurillard (views on models of learning and teaching)

David Boud (autonomous learner)

Robert Sternberg (views on creativity)

Graham Gibbs (on how to teach)

Boud and Miller (animated learning)

Kolb (experiential learning)

Neil Fleming (learning styles)

…I need to give this all more thought!