A starter for 10

Useful reference points for L&T study. Please let Michael and I know of any literature you have found that have been key texts for your own pedagogic work. Hope we can build up a library of references for you and approaches to learning and teaching and research. We hope it encourages debate and discussion and support of your pedagogic research.

We are interested in the nature of research in art, design, media, architecture and education approaches that may be phenomenographic v phenomenological, hermeneutic, interpretive, etc……we will be hosting workshops—just to help us to be able to pronounce correctly some of these words…

A starter for 10…



Research in art and design education/Issues and exemplars

Edited by Richard Hickman

A range of case studies within art and design education.


Action research methodologies

‘All you need to know about Action Research’ by Jean McNiff and Jack Whitehead

Useful and accessible book in this area. Well, I found it useful.



Merlau Ponty, The primacy of perception….interesting chapters on his reflections on art, philosophy particularly the ‘Eye and Mind’ chapter.


The nexus of research and teaching


Mick Healey and Alan Jenkins very comprehensive materials on the subject of research informed learning and teaching.


Embedding research and learning and teaching 

Brew’s/Sachs work gives some useful contexts in embedding research into learning and teaching.

Brew, A. & Sachs, J. (Eds.) (2007). Transforming a University: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Practice. Sydney, NSW: Sydney University Press.

Brew, A. (2006). Research and Teaching: Beyond the divide. London: Palgrave Macmillan.


On collaboration

Wenger, E. (1998). Communities of Practice. Cambridge University Press