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May News

Learning and Teaching Newsletter – May 2016   1. Events GLAD – GROUP FOR LEARNING IN ART & DESIGN – Pedagogic Research Network One Day Symposium Tuesday 7th June 2016 “TALKING ABOUT ART & DESIGN PEDAGOGIC RESEARCH” Tuesday 7th June 2016, Coventry University More at:      Summer Festival of Learning and Teaching Wednesday 1st […]


CELT has a whole range of great and useful material for you to refer to on L&T. Some of you will have met Charles (Neame): Charles is the school’s link to CELT (Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching). In CELT, there is a whole load of useful resources and contacts here to support […]

Forget DVD box sets

check out these films from our very own Media department……forget DVD box sets and sit down and watch these instead (preferably with a bowl of sweet and salty popcorn):

A starter for 10

Useful reference points for L&T study. Please let Michael and I know of any literature you have found that have been key texts for your own pedagogic work. Hope we can build up a library of references for you and approaches to learning and teaching and research. We hope it encourages debate and discussion and support […]


Here is a list of great blogs relating to learning and teaching in the school. Architecture—a whole lot of great blogs from Manchester School of Architecture: a splendid montage of work and sources from our Illustration with Animation course: super 3DD Three Dimensional Design blog:  

Reading lists

Looking for some reading material on your subject. Here we will highlight useful books/references/literature on the subject of learning and teaching.

Learning & Teaching

There is an opportunity to develop projects as part of our staff innovative learning and teaching funds. Please see Michael Gorman or Joe McCullagh for further details. Deadline for project bid submissions is March 23rd. Dear Colleagues, Call for Bids: Learning & Teaching Innovation Fund 2015 As part of the School of Art’s Learning, Teaching […]

Visualising Pedagogy

  I am interested in projects that visualise pedagogy and enable us to understand pedagogy further. So feel free to submit work in this space. This is a project Visualising pedagogy. A series of artefacts that explore academic pedagogy in art and design. This playful collaborative project by Joe and Ian Roberts was inspired by the […]

Bugge Wesseltoft and Mice Parade

currently listenin’ to Bugge Wesseltoft and Mice Parade…not at the same time. what you listening’…next sun ra


I thought it would be useful here to highlight a number of ‘overarching’ useful associations for areas that relate to our school. Please let me know of further additions that relate specifically to your subject so that we can include for you. Be good to include ‘independent’ collectives and other groups too in addition to […]