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A starter for 10

Useful reference points for L&T study. Please let Michael and I know of any literature you have found that have been key texts for your own pedagogic work. Hope we can build up a library of references for you and approaches to learning and teaching and research. We hope it encourages debate and discussion and support […]

Reading lists

Looking for some reading material on your subject. Here we will highlight useful books/references/literature on the subject of learning and teaching.


I thought it would be useful here to highlight a number of ‘overarching’ useful associations for areas that relate to our school. Please let me know of further additions that relate specifically to your subject so that we can include for you. Be good to include ‘independent’ collectives and other groups too in addition to […]

Journals & References

A number of staff have been asked about journals for pedagogy within art, design, media and architecture. I have only covered a range here but conscious that will not have included many. Particularly architecture and media, theatre, please can you include your relevant journals…m.thanks. Main publishers are intellect,  bloomsbury (Berg), and sage Here are a few […]

Top Pedagogues

Who has influenced your pedagogy and your thinking in learning and teaching? A question to the self. Who are the top pedagogues of our time? Difficult question. Joe’s very random thought list, I have indicated the area of pedagogy people are known for and those that I have contextualised in own learning and teaching practice. […]

GLAD conference 27.02.15

Great to see Kirsteen Aubrey, Sharon Blakey and Jane McFadyen delivering papers on our pedagogic work in the school at the recent GLAD conference in Sheffield. The theme of the conference was looking over a period of 25 years of GLAD’s existence and how the notion of the art and design academy has changed. Michael […]